Activities & Attractions in Hunt, TX

When you’re planning your stay in the Texas Hill Country, our cabins at Roddy Tree Ranch in Hunt provide the perfect respite from typical hotel lodging.

Criders Rodeo & Dance If you want a real taste of the area, you will want to check out Criders Rodeo. It is the longest running rodeo in the State of Texas, started by Mr. & Mrs. Crider back in the 1920s. It opens in mid-May and runs every Saturday night through mid-September. There is a live country/rock band afterwards and plenty of food to eat. They also serve food on Friday nights. This is the ultimate Hunt institution that can't be missed and is a total blast.

Hunt Store The Hunt Rock Café is another local tradition that has been frequented by camp parents, vacation home owners, and colorful locals for over 75 years and has the best cheeseburgers you can find. Great for the kids!

Texas Blue BonnetsElaine's Table This restaurant has hill country charm and elegance. Nestled along the banks of the Guadalupe in a cozy stone house, you can have a lunch, a great dinner, or brunch on Sundays. Elaine's desserts are to die for. Reservations accepted.

Roddy Tree Ranch Saturday Family Fun Nights & 4th of July Fireworks Whether you are staying at Roddy Tree Ranch or not, come out for the party on Saturday nights during the summer to listen to the jamming live music of the River Rats and try your hand at some karaoke. Food and sodas are served for an extra charge. A treat for all ages and not to be missed.

Schumakers Hole There aren't many spots on the Guadalupe where you can play in the river and this is a local favorite. There is a rope swing and some rapids next to a public park with picnic tables. Beware of the sharp currents though, the river can be rough.

Stonehenge II Just when you thought you'd seen everything; there it is, just as large as life and built to scale. Stonehenge II should be on everyone's must-see list. You can get out and walk around and imagine you are back with the pagans. Check out Easter Island statues as well.

Area Camps Hunt is famous for a well-known secret by Texans and those in the know, and that is the many area camps. Hunt has been the vacation spot in the Hill Country for many generations of Texans, and it has been called "our Aspen" by Texas Monthly. Some of our favorite camps are Camp La Junta, Camp Rio Vista and Camp Stewart for boys, Camp Arrowhead, Camp Heart of the Hills, Mystic, & Camp Waldemar for girls.

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